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Clicksor Solutions is a Contextual Advertising and Remarketing Network that delivers both amazing results for its advertisers and a highly profitable revenue stream for its publishers. Since 2004, online marketers have depended on the Clicksor Advertising Network to deliver targeted visitors from a variety of websites. Clicksor centralizes the advertisers who wish to promote products or services online and the publishers who are eager to generate revenue.
Clicksor Solutions

Connecting Publishers and Advertisers in Clicksor's Contextual Advertising Network

With contextual targeting and retargeting technology, Clicksor utilizes its extensive publisher content network of over 150,000 websites to provide advertisers with large volumes of targeted traffic in real-time. Clicksor helps the advertisers find targeted audiences who are pre-screened to meet their criteria (via keywords, channel, countries). You only pay for clicks or views that match your exact specifications.

Clicksor constantly gets feedback from its Publishers/Advertisers and monitors its traffic performance to ensure that the highest quality traffic and advertisements get delivered to advertisers and publishers respectively. If you have any questions about how your advertising campaigns could work in Clicksor, feel free to contact us.
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