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Targeting Features

Aside from Clicksor’s famous contextual advertising targeting method, you can also tailor your ad placement using the following targeting strategies:

Summary of Targeting Features
Geo Targeting Choose from over 40 countries to give your business a global position.
Channel Targeting Choose from over 150 channels of different categories that best suit your business.
Time Targeting Choose the exact time you want to launch your campaign to target your audience for optimal results.
Keyword Targeting Choose highly relevant keywords; our system automatically matches them and runs your ads based on these keywords.
Retargeting Focus your ad budget on audiences who have visited your site before – it’s more likely that they are interested in your product!
OS Targeting Target audiences that use a specific Operating System. This is perfect for ad campaigns for software and OS-specific products (such as apps or games). Systems that we can target include Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.
Device Targeting Targeting campaigns to specific devices, such as Mobile Phones, Laptops/Desktops, and Tablets.
ISP Targeting Target audiences based on different internet service providers such as Rogers, Bell, and AT&T.
Language Targeting Target ads to populations of different dialects to cover a more global reach.

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