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Local Advertising

Whether it is right next door or halfway across the world, our Local Advertising allows you to target the cities or countries that you want to direct your ads to. Reach out to more people than ever before, with a fraction of the cost needed to advertise on TV or in print.

Good news for US local businesses.

67.10% of all our network traffic comes from the US in terms of Unique Visitors. This traffic covers over 22 million people or 37% of the whole US online population. (source


What does it mean for US local businesses? It means you can be sure to reach the right people no matter where they are. For instance, our network gets 6,057,922 unique views in California and 3,377,135 unique views in New York alone, our top 2 U.S. States in our Network. Talk about being able to reach the right people.


Have a target market in mind? Contact us now so we can help you set up your own Local Advertising today.

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