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How Does It Work?

The purpose of this Reseller Network is to have our traffic distributed to your Advertisers, or to other resellers, without them knowing that the traffic comes from us. This is like setting up your own online advertising network with Clicksor controlling the back – end of it. Once you join our Traffic Reseller Network, you will have control over your own reseller admin panel. This admin panel is your bread and butter when you monitor the activities in your Reseller Network. In this program, Clicksor gives you the option to: 1) help your advertisers set up their campaigns and receive traffic immediately, 2) start your own Traffic Reseller Network or 3) do both! How Does It Work?

Figure 1. Resell traffic with our easy to use Advertiser menu.

Figure 2. Set up your own Reseller Network in the Reseller menu.

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