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What is Connect?

Connect is a content sharing widget designed to help publishers and website owners share their contents to social media networks. With a simple click of a button, publishers and website owners can share and connect with top social media networks from all over the world.

Earn More Ad Revenue

The Connect Widget lets advertisers target your site directly with a click of a button. It also provides direct sharing links to top social media networks to help you build links from your contents. This will increase the chances of your contents going viral as well as giving you additional backlinks from social media sites.

publisher connect widget

Smart Connecting Communicate With Your Visitors RSS On Your Website Increase Your Revenue
Share your contents from blog or website to social media networks instantly, with a click of a button. Receive visitors' comments and feedbacks about your site posted directly in your member's area, giving you a personal contact form. Easily allow your visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed to keep them posted. Advertisers can target your site through Connect, giving you an additional way to earn more revenue.

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