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What is Contextual Targeting?

Contextual Targeting utilizes artificially intelligent technology to define and understand content rich websites and match them with targeted keywords. This targeting method is also called “Content Match” or “In-Context” technology. Clicksor is one of leading contextual advertising networks in the industry. All ad formats available at Clicksor offer contextual targeting and all of Clicksor’s campaigns can be targeted with specific keywords and channels.

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The benefits of Contextual Targeting ads on Publishers’ websites

Visitors are the most important assets for Clicksor’s publisher websites. By placing Clicksor’s ad code, your website is analyzed with contextual technology to match the most relevant ads with your website. Clicksor’s contextual targeting technology allows our publishers to show advertisements that are related to the content, which sustain the quality of the website. Advertisements that are in the same categories as your websites provide visitors additional information while generating profits for you.

All ad formats are targeted contextually. Publishers can choose from inline text links, banners, interstitial ads, and pop-under ads. When contextual technology is in place, visitors tend to react more on related advertisements with all ad formats. As a result, visitors would perform more clicks/leads/sales to the advertisements, which increase the profit possibility for our publishers.

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