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Special attention must be given to recognizing the signs and symptoms of overdosage, especially during the initial screening and dose-titration phase of treatment, but also during reintroduction of lioresal intrathecal after a period of interruption in therapy.

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MusculoskeletalThe onset of scoliosis or worsening of a pre-existing scoliosis has been reportedUrogenitalSexual dysfunction in men and womenincluding decreased libido and orgasm dysfunctionhave been reportedErectile dysfunction in men has also been reportedPriapism has been reported following baclofen withdrawal.

Nervous SystemAkathisiaataxiaconfusiondepressionopisthotonosamnesiaanxietyhallucinationshysteriainsomnianystagmuspersonality disorderreflexes decreasedand vasodilitationDigestive SystemDysphagiafecal incontinencegastrointestinal hemorrhage and tongue disorderCardiovascularBradycardiaRespiratoryApneadyspnea and hyperventilationUrogenitalAbnormal ejaculationkidney calculusoliguria and vaginitisSkin and AppendagesRashsweatingalopeciacontact dermatitis and skin ulcerSpecial SensesAbnormality of accommodationBody as a WholeDeathfeverabdominal paincarcinomamalaise and hypothermiaHemic and Lymphatic SystemLeukocytosis and petechial rash.

Children should be of sufficient body mass to accommodate the implantable pump for chronic infusionPlease consult pump manufacturer’s manual for specific recommendations.

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