Lamictal borderline personality disorder

Epilepsy lamictal is not recommended in children under 2 years of age.

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Information about Lamictal.

Instruct patients to notify their physician if they stop taking LAMICTAL for any reason and not to resume LAMICTAL without consulting their physician.

Because lamotrigine binds to melaninit could accumulate in melanin-rich tissues over timeThis raises the possibility that lamotrigine may cause toxicity in these tissues after extended useAlthough ophthalmological testing was performed in 1 controlled clinical trialthe testing was inadequate to exclude subtle effects or injury occurring after long-term exposureMoreoverthe capacity of available tests to detect potentially adverse consequencesif anyof lamotrigine’s binding to melanin is unknownsee CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY

Prior to initiation of treatment with LAMICTALthe patient should be instructed that a rash or other signs or symptoms of hypersensitivitye.gfeverlymphadenopathymay herald a serious medical event and that the patient should report any such occurrence to a physician immediately.

In the 2 maintenance trialsthere was no increase in the incidenceseverityor type of adverse reactions in patients with bipolar disorder after abruptly terminating therapy with LAMICTALIn clinical trials in patients with bipolar disorder2 patients experienced seizures shortly after abrupt withdrawal of LAMICTALHoweverthere were confounding factors that may have contributed to the occurrence of seizures in these patients with bipolar disordersee WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS

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he did try to get me to take lamictal as a possession electrosurgery to control impulses , but i could not handle that med.

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