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Hydoxyzin is mtabolisd in th liv. Mtabolits includ ctiizin, which has antihistaminic activity. Ctiizin is omd om hydoxyzin via an oxidativ biotansomation stp.

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Ataax should b usd with caution in patints with impaid nal unction (s Sction 4.2 ‘Posology and Mthod Administation’). It is unctain whth th dug may accumulat hav oth advs cts in such patints. Ataax is compltly mtabolisd and on th mtabolits is th activ mtabolit ctiizin. Ctiizin is nally xctd and claanc is ducd in patints with modat nal impaimnt and on dialysis compad tnomal volunts.

Hydoxyzin suppsss th inlammatoy spons (whal and la action) and puitus up t4 days at intadmal skin tsts with allgns and histamin.

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