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Boost Your Site Revenue? Go Premier.

Thank you for your interest in the Clicksor Publisher Premier Program. If you are looking to make at least $200,000/year from online advertising, then this program is right for you.

Benefits From Our Publisher Premier Program include:

  • • Higher Earning Rates: CPM$0.25, CPV$0.005, CPC$0.10 at least
  • • Traffic Fill Rate: 100%
  • • Payment Term: Net 7
  • • Payment Method: Bank transfer/Paypal/Skrill/Webmoney/Payoneer


To become Premier Publisher, you need to create a publisher account, add an ad tag and deliver traffic for 7 days.

Then you can submit an upgrade request to our account manger. We will review your account to see if you are eligible. Qualified Publishers will be contacted by one of our account managers.

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Enjoy The Benefits Of Premium Traffic In A Transparent Marketplace Without The Hassle!'s Premier Advertiser Program unifies advertisers with more than 150,000 content rich websites and serving 3 billion impressions monthly. On average, we provide a conversion rate between 4% - 15%, and visitors stay on the landing page between 3 minutes to 10 minutes.

Utilizing big data technology, we know when, where, and how your ads need to appear in order to maximize performance.

Benefit From Our Advertiser Premier Program With:

  1. 1. Free analysis of your website and marketing goal.
  2. 2. Detail proposal listing specific sites.
  3. 3. Analyze every impression before delivering to your campaign .
  4. 4. Daily monitoring and optimizing of campaign.
  5. 5. Dedicated account manager to you only.


The minimum deposit of Premium Advertiser account is $1000 with minimum bidding: CPV $0.008, CPM $0.40, CPC $0.20.

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