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Contextual Advertising Network

Clicksor provides the best return for Advertisers, Marketers and Ad Agencies through the delivery of quality services, affordable prices and unique customization that will fulfill the specific needs of today and tomorrow.

Clicksor's objective is to provide entrepreneurs with knowledgeable information and the best customer service in achieving their advertising needs. When you fill in the campaign suggestion form, our Clicksor sales representative will provide you practical campaign-planning advice and discover ad solutions that meet both your budget and your advertising objectives.

  • Target right audiences via our content network

    • Over 150,000 active publisher websites
    • Serving 3 billion ad impression per month
    • Contextual and Geographical targeting by major countries/cities
    • Unlimited keywords and 150 channels
  • Create Your Ad Format with different cost metrics

    • Variety of creative ad formats including text/graphical banner, pop under ads and interstitial ads
    • Cost per Click (CPC)
    • Cost per 1,000 impression (CPM)
    • Cost per Visit (CPV) and
    • Cost per Inter-Ad (CPI)
  • Measure and Optimize Results

    • ROI tracking and site blocking option
    • Real time traffic reports
    • Campaign by campaign basis to see impression, click, cost and conversion data.
  • How Much It Costs

    Clicksor ensures advertisers that the right ads are delivered to the right audience at the right time. Having the most relevant traffic will achieve more click through rates, higher conversions and maximized ROI.

    Text Ads (sample) Cost/Pay Per Click (CPC, PPC) $0.05 Per Click
    Graphical / Rich Media Banners (sample) Cost Per 1000 Impressions (CPM) $0.80 Per 1,000 Impressions
    Graphical Banners (sample) Cost Per Click (CPC) $0.05 Per Click
    Pop-unders (sample) Cost Per Visit (CPV) $0.010 Per Visitor
    Interstitial Ads (sample) Cost Per Interstitial (CPI) $10.00 Per 1,000 Interstitial Ads

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