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Clicksor Authorized Reseller Program

Do you have a lot of advertisements you want to put up, but don’t know where the best place is? Joining the Clicksor Authorized Reseller program gives you access to our comprehensive database of online publishers from a variety of specialty areas. This empowers you to stay ahead of competitors and generate incrementabl revenue by putting your ads in your target’s line of sight.

Clicksor Authorized Resellers range from offline to online media companies. As an authorized reseller, Clicksor provides unique tools, exclusive technology, expert support, and other resources to help your online advertising business a success. The first step of success is your commitment to servicing your customers with excellence and integrity.

Services that Authorized Resellers can provide their customers:

  • Advertiser Account Setup: Campaign setup and activation to help customers begin advertising with Clicksor immediately.
  • Campaign Management: Monitor advertising performance for customers by reviewing keywords, channels, maximum bids, and other account performance metrics and updating the account as needed to improve performance.
  • Performance Reporting: Detailed reporting from Clicksor on customer's account performance.
  • Simplified Billing Method: Accept payments directly from customers through Paypal or Credit Card.

Benefit of Becoming a Clicksor Authorized Reseller

  • Free Platform Training and Support: We guide you step-by-step on how to proficiently setup, activate, monitor and optimize advertiser accounts. We also provide professional client support when you have any questions about the reseller program.
  • Competitive Commission: Authorized resellers can earn up to 30% commission depending on their monthly sales numbers. The more traffic they sell, the more commission they earn.
  • Lower Bid Price: Clicksor is a traffic auction online network. As authorized resellers, your advertisers can bid for keywords or channels at a lower bid price, so your company can be more competitive.
  • Brand Recognition: Clicksor is one of the most popular contextual advertising networks in the world. Leverage our name to boost your company reputation!
  • Suitable For Any Location: Our platform supports different languages. For example, if your business targets Spanish customers, you can change your system interface to Spanish. With this alteration, your campaigns can be targeted by Spanish keywords and Spanish-speaking countries

Clicksor Authorized Reseller Requirement

Authorized Resellers are carefully vetted for their ability to effectively serve the local merchants or small medium businesses at scale. They must meet the following requirements:

• Experience in servicing and supporting businesses
• Good understanding of Online Advertising
• $10,000 Minimum Monthly Sales

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