Pop Under Demand-Side Platform For Agencies

We are one of the largest and the best Demand-Site advertising Platforms(DSP) for buying pop under traffic for your websites.

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What We Can Do?

Complete Range of Networks

Our DSP Platform buys traffic from all pop under ad networks like adcash, tonic, popcash, and many more.So that you get wide array of networks and devices to showcase your products.

Traffic Quality Engine

Each impression monitors through Traffic Quality Engine (TQE) before delivering to the marketing campaigns. Our TQE has been designed to score each IP, detect & intercept fraudulent activity in real time. Clicksor makes sure the traffic that meets Forensiq, DobleVerify and IAS standards.

Top Class Targeting System

You get to target the audience of your choice ranging from different countries, regions, cities, OS, devices, etc right from our DSP.

Advertise at The Lowest Cost

We buy huge volumes of pop under traffic from all the advertising networks and so get them at cheaper rate than normal advertisers so that you can access our low cost inventory of ads and get the cheapest rates possible.

Easy to Implement

Our interface is interactive as well as easy to use, comprising of all the tools that you would require to analyze and build a strong ad campaign.And in case you have any problems, our support staff is always there to help you.

Reasons to Join Us Right Now

Huge Inventory

Don't be limited by the lack of inventory.Our DSP brings you access to tons of additional inventory sources, So that you can display your campaign anywhere.

Best Report Tools

Our specialized reporting tools like RTB reporting, Campaign efficiency, Real-Time statistics will enhance your capability of creating a perfect ad campaign.

Budget Allocation Plans

Want to plan ahead? Our custom-built budget allocation solution ensures that your ads get exhibited as and when you require, on the days of your choice, and sets your budget accordingly.

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